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pool startup

Postby jrice » Thu 08 Jun, 2006 11:23

I just changed my liner and need to add chemicals to my pool. I had it filled by a water company because I have a well and did not want to burn out the pump or dry up the well. I bought a pool chemical startup kit. It came with clarifier, chlorine and shock. Itr says in the instructions to first mix the chlorine and the shock with water (before adding it to the pool) it does not say this for the clarifier. I do not want to add the clarifier and have it eat away at my vinyl liner. Is it safe to add the clarifier in powder form directly into the pool??? I do not want to drain the pool and replace another liner.

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Postby PoolGuy » Thu 06 Jul, 2006 17:12

powder,do not add to your pool. I have found it will eat it away later on down the road. use only liquid,unless you have a skimmer you can add it to. if you are going to add powder,mix it with water real well before you add it.
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Postby Walter » Fri 07 Jul, 2006 08:28

As a rule for our company we always add the shock powder to a 5 gal. bucket and mix with water even if they have to it a few times and spread it our around the pool. Be sure to rinse the buckets before leaving as you don't want to drop and shock residue on the deck surface. Adding to water helps activate the shock and also prevent any chance of the granules reaching the floor and staining.

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