green pool after rain

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green pool after rain

Postby abilene » Sat 05 Sep, 2009 13:53

What is the best way to keep pool water clear and blue after a rain 1 to 2 inches of rain. Raised water level about 4 inches

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Green pool after rain

Postby czechmate » Sun 06 Sep, 2009 09:32

It is a good practice to add protection from rain introduced chemicals and debris.
1-2 inches may present a good dilution if properly treated.
4 inches that comes from a storm, left untreated even for a few days, is a recipe for a problem.
I usually save my backwash time to such events, with a free water.
If you adjust the PH first and than shock with 70% Cal Hypo you save yourself a week long fighting starting algae, including the extra expense and frustration.

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