Can't find leak

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can't find leak

Postby dsinth » Wed 09 Sep, 2009 18:15

I am at a loss to find the leak. I am losing about 1" per day until the water level reaches 1" above the skimmer mouth. I have let the water level drop 3 times and every time it stops at the 1" above the skimmer mouth line. This would suggest to me that he leak is in the liner, stairs or skimmer. I have dye tested around steps and skimmer and corners but still cannot find a leak. Your suggestions would be most welcomed. The liner is only 5 years old. Thank you!

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Can't find leak

Postby Vinyl Master » Thu 10 Sep, 2009 21:29

Yes sounds like a liner issue. Check around the waterline, or inside the mouth of the skimmer. If the pool has a light it could be the conduit. If you are unable to locate the leak yourself you may want to have a leak detection company locate and repair the leak before you close the pool.

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