easiest way to fill pool for winter

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easiest way to fill pool for winter

Postby poolhater » Sun 13 Sep, 2009 12:21

Our inground pool got so dirty from a flood, that it had to be drained. Now I need to fill it enough for the winter. I had problems all summer w/filter system (D.E.). SO... I am looking for a way to fill the pool (we have well water) and chlorinate w/o running the filter. Can I filter the water going in, carbon filter or something? Tried the sock over the hose and the stuffing method--didn't work. Can I add liquid chlorine while I'm filling? I just want to fill it, cover it, and be done!

brad s
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Easiest way to fill pool for winter

Postby brad s » Wed 16 Sep, 2009 14:17

You need to fill the pool, get the chemistry right, then close. If you fill itt, then close without adjusting the alkalinity, pH, and bring the chlorine to shock level, you will have one big mess in the spring.
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Easiest way to fill pool for winter

Postby czechmate » Fri 18 Sep, 2009 09:16

Winterizing gunite pool is not as simple as throwing extra chlorine in and come back 6 months later.
You need to start with clean pool and raise the chlorine level with filter running.
All chemical levels should be checked and ideal.
During the winter you should be able to maintain the PH and TA in the satisfactory range.
Serious damage to your plaster can occur in the period of 6-7 months.

It is wise to protect a surface that may cost 4000.00 - 5000.00 to replace.
Short cuts in order to save few hundred are not in order on your investment.
Re-plaster also never lasts as long as the original, unless you remove most of the old.
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Easiest way to fill pool for winter

Postby RMS1 » Thu 29 Oct, 2009 17:38

Right. I've seen too many pools that have taken a beating over the Winter. You need to winterize the pool correctly or be willing to shell out some money in the Spring.

http://www.clean-pool-and-spa.com/pool- ... ation.html

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