Still loosing water

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Still loosing water

Postby dsinth » Sun 13 Sep, 2009 18:55

Seems I was premature in my diagnosis. I now find that the water level keeps dropping with the pump on or off. I just did a dye test with the pump off and squirted around the return jets. The dye is being sucked into the return jet. The water level had dropped below the skimmer intake when I done the dye test. I squirted dye around the main drain but there did not seem to be any draw. I have a vinyl lined inground that has a concrete deck so if any digging has to be down that means breaking the concrete, a rather large job. I have been reading about Fix a Leak and am hoping that it will do the trick. Has anybody had success with it? Any comments or tips will be greatly appreciated.

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Still loosing water

Postby Me... » Mon 14 Sep, 2009 07:02

If the water is still and you dye test one return and find the dye was drawn in, that tells you it is in the plumbing, nothing more. You need to isolate your lines by closing all your valves. Dye test again and try to see what fitting draws dye in, and also which is the fastest. This will help isolate the leak location. Usually its going to be a fitting right behind the wall where there are joints.

Still loosing water

Postby Guest » Tue 15 Sep, 2009 20:39

your inground light might be the bandit. my pool was losing water and went back to pool installer and he said to remove light and check the conduit pipes running in fron electric sorce,and bingo one was not pulled .i bought some underwater epoxy and stuffed the hole and that did it.

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