Help replacing older Swimquip skimmer

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Help replacing older Swimquip skimmer

Postby wally7745 » Fri 18 Sep, 2009 16:06

I have an older model Swimquip skimmer that is cracked and in need of replacement. It was installed in the early 70's and the part number I got off it is 8650, which corresponds to the current U3 model carried by Pentair/Sta-Rite. My problem is that this newer version skimmer is a single piece model whereas it looks like my unit is a 2 piece model that screws down onto a black ring which houses the incoming lines. My question is, is there anyplace where I can still get one of these older model Swimquip skimmers to replace it? Or is there some kind of adapter or retrofit available?
Thanks for any information you can help me with.


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