Leak in liner - loosing 1" per day

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Leak in liner - loosing 1" per day

Postby brendastarr938 » Sat 19 Sep, 2009 18:23

Above ground 28', vinyl liner, metal sides - only 3 years old. First year it was installed we had a problem with mole tunnels as far as 5' into pool. None of them have ever caused a problem - just ruts in bottom of pool. This year water was beautiful until about a month ago - lots of rain - pool turned very swampy green. Have been putting lots of shock (2 cases) and still counting but water is now a pretty aqua but still cloudy - can barely see bottom of pool. Each time I put shock in, I dissolved it in a bucket first.
Cannot afford to keep pouring chemicals into pool. Today I discovered a very wet spot outside the pool so I guess there is a hole in liner. I have to add water just about every day (about 1"). Getting ready to close pool for season, but don't want to put those chemicals in just for them to leak out. If I go ahead and drain the pool for the winter, I worry about wind damage to the sides since they would have no support and the wind blows pretty fierce here since we are surrounded by open fields. Also, if we have to drain the pool, we have to have the volunteer fire department truck in water as we have a shallow well. And we have to give them a hefty donation. I don't even know how to begin to find the leak. Please help - I am at a loss as to what would be the most economical way to go.


Leak in liner - loosing 1" per day

Postby Guest » Sun 27 Sep, 2009 03:06

Wait a little and try to pinpoint the leak.

Leak in liner - loosing 1" per day

Postby poorpokeypaul » Thu 22 Oct, 2009 07:50

Greetings All,
I've noticed a similar problem with my pool as well.
My pool is a 30x15 oval above ground unit.
The pool has been closed for the winter,and I've noticed during the last couple
of weeks, the water level under the winter cover has lowered approx.4-5 inches from where
I initially stopped the draining prior to covering the pool. I'm suspecting a small pinhole in the
vinyl liner. This pool is just 1 year old. I imagine I should wait till spring to investigate further?
Should I add water to the pool or just wait?

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