Inground linner coming away from walls

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Inground linner coming away from walls

Postby angelamwalton » Sun 20 Sep, 2009 16:36

We have recently purchased a house with an inground pool and in 2 corners the linner isn't sealed into the wall. The linner comes to about 6 inches above the water line but doesn't seem big enough to reach the top of the wall. We are not sure if it has always been this way. We are worried about water getting behind the linner. Any suggestions please

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Inground linner coming away from walls

Postby Hiramhaus » Thu 24 Dec, 2009 12:14

Our liner is like that - we used white duct tape to seal it up for now. Ours has been like that for some time so the vinyl had dried out. If its still flexable I understand one could pour hot water on it and stretch it out to put it back in the groove. We decided we could use ours for another year while we planned for all the things we would replace along with the liner. The white duct tape doesnt look too bad and its held up for 3-4 months now without replacing.
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Inground linner coming away from walls

Postby swimmingpoolbuild » Mon 23 May, 2011 22:24

sounds like the liner has just come out of the coping bead. You can heat it up with a blow dryer, hot water, or heat gun and stretch it back into place. Be sure not to get it too hot that it melts. You can purchase some liner lock to help hold the liner in the coping track.

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