Should inside sand filter look like this?

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Should inside sand filter look like this?

Postby wes8398 » Wed 23 Sep, 2009 23:50

I gave it a good 5 minute backwash and 2 minute rinse today and then took the head off to inspect the sand. It appears that there is some type of sediment in the sand that's not backwashing out. It's really hard to describe (hence the pictures) but when I take some out it felt like wet paper or wet cotton balls ... Not sure if this is from a product I've used or what, but like I said, it doesn't backwash out. Any ideas?
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Should inside sand filter look like this?

Postby Me... » Thu 24 Sep, 2009 19:38

Need to know filter size/model/diameter and pump size/model/hp etc. to see if they are sized properly. Too little flow will not backwash it properly and too much will destroy the sand bed. If you debris sitting on the filter bed I would think the flow is too low.

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