Can't find the leak

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Can't find the leak

Postby lacey » Thu 24 Sep, 2009 20:01

I have an above ground pool that I found a leak after I lowered my water to winterize my pool. I have water on the outside perimeter of the pool but can't find the leak. I have tried using googles, the dye test, paper towel test and still can't find it. I was reading about a product call fixaleak...anyone tried this? think it will work in my pool if I use a sump pump to recirculate the water being I have lowered the water and disconnected all the hoses?


Can't find the leak

Postby timthepoolguy » Thu 24 Sep, 2009 21:10

It won't work, you can try, but it won't. Once your done, start calling your local pool stores and see if any offer electronic leak detection. If it's in the liner, they will find in a few minutes.

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