Wrinkles after 3 months in lilner

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Wrinkles after 3 months in lilner

Postby whirlwind1 » Thu 01 Oct, 2009 15:02

Hi All,
We had a 24 foot pool installed in June., the installer used Happy Foam(above ground pool), and foam coving., there was not one wrinkle in the pool, the bottom was perfect.
Then we noticed after 3 months, a large wrinkle ( actually two) on opposite ends of the pool., it is a round pool., Finally my husband said., you know what that is where I go back and forth doing my laps everyday., and he does about 125, of them., we asked the installer and he said possible because of the happy foam it slipped., but he thought that was it also., how can I get this out ????? anyone else have this problem., I also use Sustain pool products all my chemicals have been perfect., We just closed the pool yesterday as I a in Ohio. Thankyou

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