Filter leak

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Filter leak

Postby kernjw » Sun 04 Oct, 2009 12:21

I have a Pentair Filter. The pool is a fresh water DE system.
I have replaced the screens, manifold, and backwash valve. Am still getting DE blowback in the pool and the pressure gage goes from 10 (normal) to 30 (psi?) in a few hours after backwashing or cleaning screens directly. I am looking for any suggestions of what else in system I could checkout or replace....

Thanks for help.... I guess the backwash valve is a dial type... It has a handle which is turned to open or lock valve... I lift valve handle to go into backwash mode...
backwash procedure is simply to put in bachwash mode, turn on pump for a few minutes, then stop pump and return valve to normal position (locked)...DE is then added where pool water is pumped to filter.

I do not have a pressure cleaner.

Problem resolved - thank you..

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Filter leak

Postby Pool Clown » Tue 20 Oct, 2009 20:13

Is your new backwash valve a dial valve?
Explain step by step your back wash procedure.
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Filter leak

Postby superdoopie » Fri 23 Oct, 2009 10:14

Also post whether you have a pressure cleaner and whether the line that feeds it is before or after the filter. If it is plumbed after the filter you will have a high pressure reading when it is running in the pool. If it is plumbed before the filter you may be having the blow-back through this line when you add a fresh coat of DE after backwashing.

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