I need help making a decision

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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I need help making a decision

Postby 1fast993 » Tue 20 Oct, 2009 19:24

Our IG pool was completed in August, we live in the Northeast and I’m in the process of closing our pool for the first time. I’m having a hard time deciding how much water I should leave in the pool? First off, I will be installing a safety cover and the manufacture requires no less then 18”between the cover and water. When I started the process I was told to drain the water 4 to 5” below the lowest return which was 14”. With this in mind I drained the pool accordingly. Since this time someone who I believe is knowledgeable told me to fill the pool back up to 9” below the coping and add a step pump. Being my first time closing the pool I’m very nervous and I don’t want to screw anything up. My biggest concern filling the pool back up to the 9” below the coping is the wall returns will be under water. The lines were blown out and new #8 plugs were installed. The skimmer openings are at 9” and both wall returns are at 14”. Someone else also told me as long as there is 15” gap between the bottom of the cover and the top of water I should be fine, what should I do?

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I need help making a decision

Postby czechmate » Wed 21 Oct, 2009 22:31

You can drain the equipment and lines. Any pool store will give you the correct procedure.
As far as draining the pool itself, I would not recommend draining bellow the waterline tile.
Otherwise you will end up with dirty ring or several of them, as dirty water line sits directly on the plaster.
Will be hard to clean in the spring and may require acid washing.
Also, check on the the correct or best feasible way to protect tile from freeze-up expansion. (Styrofoam, floating logs etc).

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