possible to use propane pool heater to also heat air?

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possible to use propane pool heater to also heat air?

Postby stavpeter » Sun 25 Oct, 2009 07:40

I have a Teledyne 400 propane pool heater for an enclosed, inground pool. Does anyone know whether there is a product made that will allow use of the huge amount of wasted exhaust heat from this heater to be used to heat the air in my 30'x50' unheated retractable Libart enclosure without asphyxiating anyone?

If a product is not made would a contractor be able to fabricate an effective space heater with a heat exchanger of some sort that would use the exhaust heat from the Teledyne Lars propane pool heater?

Climate is cold, pool heater is located 10' outside pool enclosure.

Thanks for any insights anyone may have on this odd query.

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Possible to use propane pool heater to also heat air?

Postby Me... » Sun 25 Oct, 2009 10:26

Believe me, if this could be done in a manner to create income for someone it would have been done.

Exhaust gases including those created by wood burning fireplaces need to be vented out and away from the "appliance" via a chimney. Thin wall chimneys need to be insulated to retain heat. Heat rises correct? If you cool the exhaust gasses too much they will condense and stop rising which forms a plug in the chimney. The exhaust gasses then back up into the appliance.

So while you may well be able to steal a small amount of heat from the venting or hot gasses and pass it through an exchanger of some sort it would not be enough to actually do much good anywhere. Its a very dangerous game for a homeowner to start playing.

possible to use propane pool heater to also heat air?

Postby Guest » Sun 29 Dec, 2013 14:35

I would not use a propane heater or any other type of gas burning unit in a pool enclosure. I came across a company called Covers in Play http://www.coversinplay.com that sells pool enclosures with heating units using pool water or a boiler system. It is pretty neat.

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