Indoor pool / heat / humidity / vent / winter?

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Indoor pool / heat / humidity / vent / winter?

Postby Hiramhaus » Mon 26 Oct, 2009 07:22

I have an indoor pool - I enjoyed using it for the last few months - since mid July - it was out of service for about 8 or 9 years. Now that its getting colder, I cant quite figure out the climate control. I have been trying to get the water to stay at about 80 degrees. The room has a vent fan (flaps stuck open) and a Reznor heater and two windows. For the summer I basically ran the vent fan and cracked a window. It stayed nice in there,very nice. Now that its getting colder 40-50 degrees, the air is too cold in there and we are losing water like mad. SO....I shut the window, turned off the vent fan and thought I would turn on the room heat, but the water heated the room to 80 degree - and its so humid my glasses fogged up. do I get the humidity back in control. For now I opened the vent back up and cracked the window. No humidity - but water loss and cold air in room (I am sure I have to heat water more too).

annoying youtube videos of the pool - sorry about the music on the second one.


Indoor pool / heat / humidity / vent / winter?

Postby Guest » Thu 03 Dec, 2009 03:23

Dehumidifiers are real costly but the only true solution to your problem. Venting loses you too much heat so you need a refrigerant system that can condense the water out of the air without losing heat.

Dehumidifiers can also be costly to run - they are but simplified air conditioners.

Indoor pool / heat / humidity / vent / winter?

Postby algmyerson » Fri 04 Dec, 2009 01:06

A floating solar cover would help a lot. It will help keep the heat in the pool and reduce evaporation.

Re: Indoor pool / heat / humidity / vent / winter?

Postby Guest » Thu 03 Dec, 2015 23:49

We notice a HUGE difference on room humidity when we have our pool covered with our solar cover vs. uncovered. Everything stays dry to the touch with cover on. With cover off, the entire room will saturate within a few hours.
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Re: Indoor pool / heat / humidity / vent / winter?

Postby Larry » Fri 04 Dec, 2015 14:30

A floating cover does help, though all our indoor heated pools all have dehumidifiers. If they didn't then all the indoor surfaces would remain wet all the time.

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