little foamy bubbles all over top of water

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little foamy bubbles all over top of water

Postby Guest » Fri 09 Jun, 2006 20:17

We opened our pool two weeks ago. We've shocked, used chlorine and algicide. The water was very cloudy, but blue. After checking the ph we found it was high and added muriatic acid to lower it. NOW WE HAVE TINY FOAMY BUBBLES H-E-L-P! And still we have cloudy water and high ph. What now? We are exhausted.



Postby jena_1959 » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 10:34

You need to change your sand. Check your pump to see how many pounds you need to use. Last year I had the same problem, and after I tryed everything, I noticed that I only had three hundred pounds of sand in my filter, when in fact it sould have been 600 pounds. I hope it helps! :D [/b]

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