Only 2 of 4 filters are dirty.

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big ben
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Only 2 of 4 filters are dirty.

Postby big ben » Sun 01 Nov, 2009 12:20

Hi, I have a 2.5 hp hayward pump and a 4 cartridge filter system for a 14,000 gallon in ground pool. I t is 6 years old now. The first 5 years were no problem, but this year I have been battling green algae. The only thing I noticed different was that only 2 filters are getting dirty, which explains why I have to clean twice as often this year. The 2 filters closest to the inlet and outlet tubes are dirty, but the back 2 are clean. Any idea why? The lines look clear.

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Only 2 of 4 filters are dirty.

Postby mas985 » Sun 01 Nov, 2009 14:56

The front two will normally be a little dirtier than the back two but it shouldn't be by much. It could be there is something stuck in the return section of the filter where the filters sit on fittings. Try hosing them out when you remove the filters to clean them next.

Also, after cleaning make sure you rotate the filters into different slots as well as on axis. This will help extend the life of the filters. If you are already doing this and it is always the front two that only get dirty, then it is probably a blockage.
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