Hello Swimming Pool Lovers

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: 16x38 Fiberglass Swimming Pool, 2 speed whisper flow pump, cartridge filter, salt chlorinator.
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Hello Swimming Pool Lovers

Postby RiverPoolsMarc » Sun 01 Nov, 2009 23:07

Hi Everyone. I'm new to the forum here but I've found it to be quite extensive and I hope to learn from the members here and also potentially contribute a few thoughts here and there myself. My name is Marcus Sheridan and I co-own a company called River Pools and Spas in Virginia, where we mainly install fiberglass pools throughout Virginia and Maryland. I currently maintain an extensive swimming pool blog and vlog site as well as another information site. My main background is with fiberglass pools as our company has installed about 600+ units, which has helped me become quite familiar with the different fiberglass pool manufacturers. We also currently have about 1000 customers using salt water as well. Again, I look forward to frequenting this site often.

Marcus Sheridan :wave:
River Pools and Spas
PoolSchool :wave:

pool care

Hello Swimming Pool Lovers

Postby pool care » Thu 03 Dec, 2009 03:18

You haven't been around much - 6 posts in over a month?

It would be great to have your input

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