Pool repair kit or Pool company?

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Pool repair kit or Pool company?

Postby DomDom » Mon 02 Nov, 2009 14:49

Hello folks,

Just bought myself an 18ft pool, its a 'return' so I got it CHEAP, Im also a 'pool' newbie so sorry for any silly mistakes. It has a rip in the cover sheet but Im not bothered about that. I laid it all out to find one hell of a big hole in the liner :shock:

Its about 6inches long by 3inches and I was wondering what can be done to repair it? I assume it can be repaired?

I dont mind getting a suitable repair kit if that'll work or a company to repair it just for the convience really, Im located on the Wirral (Nr Liverpool) - Can anyone advise me?

Many many thanks!


Pool repair kit or Pool company?

Postby Guest » Mon 09 Nov, 2009 07:09

Get a DIY repair kit. It's cheap and easy to do

Pool repair kit or Pool company?

Postby abovegroundpoolguy » Fri 28 May, 2010 15:13

Hi, I had the same problem with my pool liner, I called http://www.1abovegroundpoolsdirect.com, and they were able to provide my with a kit that did an amazing job. Im sure that will help. It was about $25, beat buying another pool.

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