Opening Tarp Trick:

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Opening Tarp Trick:

Postby Krusty » Tue 03 Nov, 2009 10:55

We all know that getting the tarp off without letting all the gunk get into the pool is a big challenge. Try this. After pumping off the tarp, put your garden hose BEHIND the tarp and begin filling the pool. You want to fill the pool to the VERY its starting to overflow! The tarp will float to the top too and you can simply "slide" it off! Don't worry about the excess water, since you're gonna be backwashing several times after vacuuming. OR you can vacuum with the pump set to "drain" and pump the dirt directly out the discharge pipe. PLUS, with the water level above the normal "scum line", you can use this to your advantage by using the water for cleaning/scrubbing the liner that is normally dry and gets pollution baked onto it.


Opening Tarp Trick:

Postby Guest » Tue 03 Nov, 2009 11:07

Nice tip. Thanks :thumbup:

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