Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby miane » Sun 08 Nov, 2009 14:02

Hi. I want to buy a new pool heater because it's getting colder now... Yet I am confused of what kind of brand to buy. I am not really into price. I am into the brand.

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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby Guru » Fri 19 Feb, 2010 13:37

In my opinion, 2 of the best heaters would be the Sta-rite Max-E-Therm/Pentair Mastertemp (they are the exact same heater except for the outside cabinet) or the Raypak rp2100. Look into these 2 and you shouldn't be dissapointed.
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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby dugbug » Mon 12 Apr, 2010 12:23

What about the RHEEM M406A models?


Im also looking for a heater. My existing one deteriorated into a pile of rust. I know nothing about heaters but I'm in florida and the heater needs to survive a humid and wet environment.

One pool repair guy recommended the RHEEM as he says you won't have to do anything with it for at least 15 years.

The prices seem to be all similar.

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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby floridapooltech » Wed 28 Jul, 2010 10:18

The two best choices by far are the Hayward H-series heaters, or the Jandy LXi series heaters. The cost of most heaters are in fact very similar, basically leaving you to the choice of preference. The most popular heater is the Hayward H-series and is our recommended heater. If you have any questoins, feel free to contact our customer service department for further help.

Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby forgentone45 » Wed 01 Sep, 2010 23:02

Hi Mate,

Thanks for the information given for buying pool heaters ,
I suggest you to buy the best which can long laster and
affordable in price .
Good features of the heater gives the quality for the product you have choosen.
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I'm new here
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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby karencoleman » Tue 07 Sep, 2010 20:27

You can try Jandy Pool Heaters or Legacy Pool Heaters. Those are the best brand for me. I tested it by myself and I am using it for a couple of months. I suggest you to buy swimming pool heater products that are really good and has a good features.

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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby danneva » Tue 26 Oct, 2010 07:44

Pool heaters are great investments for any swimming pool because heaters can extend your swimming season. This means you can get the most out of your swimming pool and we would all love to do that. However, before you go out looking for pool heaters, it would be wise to educate yourself before diving right in.
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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby Pool Heat Expert » Wed 24 Nov, 2010 15:07

Jandy Legacy LRZ models are the best in my opinion. I run the largest and oldest company in the swimming pool capitol in the USA-- FLORIDA

I am in business 22 years and am a national vendor with over 20,000 happy customers approximately 1500 are gas customers

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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby vdolt » Fri 25 Feb, 2011 17:59

I am considering buying a new heater for my pool and my pool service company is strongly urging me to buy Raypak model stating that their quality is better then Hayward or pentair. Is that accurate assesment from them?
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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby Commissarius » Wed 27 Apr, 2011 19:47

Pentair MasterTemp has just been released. Very energy efficient.

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