Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

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Nj pool guy

Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby Nj pool guy » Sun 12 May, 2013 07:00

In my experience as a small pool service company I have never seen a more reliable pool heater than a Raypack. Raypack is made by the Rheem company that has surpassed everyone in reliability. Remember unlike Hayward or Pentair Rheem makes mostly boilers hot water heaters and furnaces. If their products don't work they are out of business unlike the major pool brands who have other products to keep them afloat.


Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby mOHAMED pUNJANI » Wed 04 Sep, 2013 12:11

Mike G wrote:When choosing the right type of pool heater for your needs there are many factors to be considered...

Choose a quality brand of pool heating system that suits your budget
- Which energy to choose
- How to size your heating equipment
- How to save money
- Brands of heating equipment:

Firstly consider the brand of the heater, is it a major well known brand or a imported copy.
- Does the heater come with a warranty?
- Does the manufacturer have a service agent in your area?
- Are spare parts available for the equipment?
- Can you contact the seller to sort out installation problems?
- Will the installer be able to fine tune the equipment?
- Will the installer give you instruction on how to operate your heater?

Types of Pool Heating
- Gas
- Electric (element type)
- Electric (heat pump)
- Solar
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby mao » Sat 21 Dec, 2013 02:29

I have a 2 lite and it's only 3 years old. I must say the heater was a beauty when it first arrived. Because I run a B&B, Zodiac consider me as commercial used and only warranty the heater for one year. the heater broke down the second year. Zodiac does not have their own service dept and uses contactors and they only have a few of them and worst of all none of them wants to travel. With frustration i actually replace the heater with another brand of heater who has their own servicing department. I would still buy Zodiac heater if they have their own servicing dept in the future because they are very efficient but right now my lite 2 is a $5000 eyesore sitting in my garage.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Pool Heaters - what brand to buy?

Postby americanbest » Thu 10 Apr, 2014 12:39

you can buy American best pool supply , best price and good service :mrgreen:

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