Cloudy Blue Water

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Cloudy Blue Water

Postby ImInPoolBurnout » Mon 09 Nov, 2009 10:06

b]Problem[/b]: My pool pump died and I had a dark green pool until I got it fixed. Once I got the pump (1HP 220V Hayward Super Pump with Sand Filter) fixed I dumped 5 - 2.5 Gallons of liquid chlorine in the pool, then about 6-8 hours later I dumped 32 Ounces of All-In-One Aglaecide (administered as directed on bottle). The next day I put 1/2 gallon of Muratic acid, filled the automatic cholorinator with Suncoast Complete tablets and turned the dial to the number 4. The next day I added another 1/2 gallon of Muratic Acid. I have backwashed and rinsed daily and ran the pump 24/7. I put another 2 - 2.5 Gallons of liquid chlorine in yesterday. I checked the test strip and all levels are perfect - excepty cyanuric acid, which is reading low. Of course before I began treatment, I brushed down the sides and bottom of the pool. My pool is a completely decked in above ground 30 foot round pool - 4ft deep. The water is blue in color, but you cannot see the bottom. It is a blue milkshake - pretty blue though. LOL I am trying to keep my sense of humor, but alas, it is getting the better of me and I feel as though I am in Pool Hell. HELP! I have been taking care of and maintaining my pool for 6 years and never have I not been able to get it correct!! Any advice at this point would be welcome...oh year... I also put in 8 oz of Super Water Clarifier, too. Help!


Cloudy Blue Water

Postby Guest » Sat 14 Nov, 2009 10:39

Wait for the clarifier or flocc to do its work. Cloudy blue is good and means the pool is on its way to recovery.

Keep the chlorine at 3.0 or more until the water clears completely.

The cloudiness usually disappears within 7-10 days and is normal after a heavy shock treatment.

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