water behind liner

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Freaked Out in Norfolk

water behind liner

Postby Freaked Out in Norfolk » Mon 16 Nov, 2009 01:29

I have an 18x45 in ground salt water pool w/ vinyl liner. It was installed 2 years ago and is 50' from the Elizabeth River. This past week we endured about 5 days of rain as the November Nor'easter passed through. During three tidal cycles, the river came within 10' of the pool, but never overflowed the pool. I backwashed some water out on Wed in hopes of keeping the pool from overflowing. The liner began separating from the deep end (furthest from the river) on Thursday, with a brown (maybe ground water) seeping in between the liner and the pool, by Friday the wrinkles moved around to the shallow end with same situation as deep end (brown water behind liner). I got a transfer pump and tried to pump the brown water out, but at the same time the pool water seem to drop a couple of inches - so I stopped my pumping after 1 1/2 days. Now on Sunday, the pool water is just below the returns and I've turned the circuits off until I find a pool professional (hopefully tomorrow - Monday) This is my first pool and my first experience of this sort. Can anyone give me some advice.

Freaked Out in Norfolk


Re: water behind liner

Postby Guest » Tue 01 Dec, 2009 02:50

did the liner tear or break??

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