Pool caving in due to underground sreams?

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Pool caving in due to underground sreams?

Postby lwells » Thu 19 Nov, 2009 18:47

We have a 23000 gallon in-ground pool and just had the liner replaced. When they took out the old liner, they had to do a lot of concrete work (triple the amount originally thought) to patch up sides in the deep end. They finished, added new liner, and filled with water.

It hasn't been but three weeks and we are noticing small cave-ins in the shallow end. Concrete is giving way and liner is touching the dirt -probably the size of my foot. Pool guy told me it was due to underground streams in the area and high water tables and basically nothing he could do.

If someone could tell me if this is total BS or if it's a legitimate answer I would be ever so grateful. I just moved to the area and have no idea if what he is saying is true and just want a straight answer. Will it get worse, is it fixable, are they responsible to fix, would it be covered under homeowner warranty, insurance?



Pool caving in due to underground streams?

Postby Guest » Fri 20 Nov, 2009 02:31

due to underground streams in the area

If this is the case then the pool guy would have seen it or known about it before the repairs were done. The "cave-ins" would have been apparent after having removed the old liner and this issue would surely have been discussed with you.

In areas of unstable ground a concrete pool base with rebar can easily be poured before installing a new liner. With your current situation, the liner will not last very long as it wears out on the edges of the indentations. The hollows will also become a haven for dirt and algae and will be hard to clean/ maintain.

You really need to get this solved now.

Pool caving in due to underground sreams?

Postby lwells » Fri 20 Nov, 2009 16:43

The pool guy happened to show up today after being MIA for two weeks. Husband asked if he had contacted his subcontractors about the problem and the pool guy said that they "had noticed it during the liner replacement but would have had to do this and that"! I was a little shocked when he said that because they had no problems pointing out the additional $1000 needed to repair the deep end. HA! you were right, they should have noticed and they did but didn't do anything.

Told pool guy that we spent a lot of money and expect it to be fixed. This means emptying it out, etc. which I'm sure is at least $1000 for water plus concrete and liner strip. Hope he doesn't try to stick us with the bill again. Thanks for the reply! :)
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Pool caving in due to underground sreams?

Postby czechmate » Sun 22 Nov, 2009 16:14

23000 gallons cannot possibly cost you a grand. It is not a bottled water. Maximum 100 bucks.
Mine was 40for same amount.
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Pool caving in due to underground sreams?

Postby pool care » Mon 23 Nov, 2009 02:46

at least $1000 for water plus concrete and liner strip

Don't accept the situation as is. You were promised a full job and the work to be done was assessed by a "professional". Now that same pro should be held accountable for the work done/ not done.

Consumers have rights too!!

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