Winterizing a pool in Texas

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I'm new here
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Winterizing a pool in Texas

Postby johnhil » Sun 22 Nov, 2009 09:49

I live in south Texas, and have a chlorinator. I believe the chlorinator shuts down after the pool water gets below 60 degrees. Do I need to do anything special as far as keeping the chlorine level up? Do I need to run the filter pump as much as in the summer?

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Winterizing a pool in Texas

Postby czechmate » Sun 22 Nov, 2009 23:15

Put 3 Tri-chlor pucks in a floater. Should last 2 weeks in cold water. Replenish to maintain volume of 2-3 pucks.
Due to slower dissolve in cold water, the increase of CYA should not present problem in 3 months.
Run filter 2-3 hr daily or 4 hrs every other day. (Make sure your freeze-stat override is working).
Check your PH weekly, Total alkalinity (TA ) bi-weekly.

Clean your skimmer daily, pump strainer weekly.
Decaying leaves and debris is consuming your chlorine and may discolor plaster.
It will cost a few bucks, but you will have nice pool to look at all winter long, peace of mind and very easy frustration-free start-up in the spring!!

P.S. Plaster damage can occur in winter time, when the TA or PH gets out of whack for longer time.
Water color may be deceiving, when water is crystal clear, since algae is not that active in cold water and minimum chlorine will keep it in check.
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Winterizing a pool in Texas

Postby sendtodh » Sun 27 Dec, 2009 02:25

I own a fiberglass pool, 16 by 32, live in San Antonio, Tx and my concerns are the following:

1. Do I run the pump when the weather forecast is at around the 32 degree F just in case or am I somewhat safe if it isn't going to dip below 32degrees?

2. My sand filter is acting funny as it is much noisier in the winter than it use to be, is that normal?

3. My pressure gauge suddenly will not drop to zero. Happened after some cold weather. When I turn it on it is now a 34psa when it use to be at 26psa? Have released the pressure and back washed it, but it is still doing the same thing. Any suggestions?

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