Chlorine tablets and solar heating

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Chlorine tablets and solar heating

Postby Sharon » Fri 27 Nov, 2009 21:26

I've tried putting my chlorine tablets in a floating dispenser but it doesn't seem to dissolve quickly enough and release enough chlorine into the pool. When I put the tablet into the skimmer box it releases enough chlorine but i am just wondering if that is bad for the solar matting having the chlorine going straight from the skimmer through the solar matting and then back into the pool...

pool care

Chlorine tablets and solar heating

Postby pool care » Sat 28 Nov, 2009 12:49

The tabs are very acidic and can cause plastics to lose their innate flexibilty, making them brittle and crack or break more easily.

If you can't add more tabs to the floater or don't want to add a second floater, try adding some granular or liquid chlorine once or twice a week to supplement the tablets.

You should think about using a chlorine without cyanuric acid, ie. hypochlorite (sodium hypo - liquid, calcium hypo - granules). Relying exclusively on tablets will result in the cya level getting out of control.

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