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Put the Pool on Hold

Postby rockydawg » Thu 10 Dec, 2009 15:40

I'm considering buying a house that has an attached, enclosed pool. The pool is 8' X 15' X 5'. The only thing I know about this pool is that it is expensive (natural gas and electricity) to operate. I love the house, but am lukewarm about the pool. Until I'm settled-in, what do I do to minimize the operating cost? The average temperature between December and February is 38 degrees with an average low temperature of 28 degrees. Is there some minimum operating limit for the heater, how often the pump runs, etc?


Put the Pool on Hold

Postby Guest » Wed 16 Dec, 2009 04:07

you should run the pump when the temperature drops to near freezing to prevent bursting the pipes and filter, ...

Put the Pool on Hold

Postby Guest » Thu 17 Dec, 2009 03:42

winterize or keep adding bleach or chlorine to protect the water
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Put the Pool on Hold

Postby czechmate » Thu 17 Dec, 2009 10:16

Pool User wrote:winterize or keep adding bleach or chlorine to protect the water

Though it is nice to protect the water over winter time, it can be remedied quite easy and fairly inepensively in the spring.
Main concern should be to protect your equipment and plaster.
In your case also heater headers and coil!

Check if you have provision valve to drain your heater for winter.
If you do not have a freeze-stat installed to switch on below 33F, have one installed.
Also, chlorine is good to have in water, but far more important is to keep PH and TA in safe levels, otherwise in a few winter months your plaster can suffer bad damage from scaling or pitting.
Most people go by color of the water during the winter, which may look great, since algae will not grow in chill water, but bad balance in chemicals will take it's toll on plaster!

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