Plaster in Bottom Drain

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Plaster in Bottom Drain

Postby oldpool » Sat 12 Dec, 2009 01:08

About 4 Years ago we had the pool replastered. We discovered immediately that the attached spa had plaster in the bottom drain. The pool contractor came out and put a standpipe in it and poured acid into the pipe, it dissolved the clog, no problem.

Well, for the subsequent 2 or 3 years we didn't close the pool. Finally last year (fall 08) we decided to close it and discovered that we couldn't drain from the bottom drain, once the water was below the skimmers and we had gizmos in. I took the drain cover off, swam down and found the main drain completely clogged with plaster. For 3 seasons, we never knew it. So I got a long pipe, siphoned the water out as best I could, dumped acid in, let it work, did this 2 or 3 times, chipped some out, siphoned out the chunks/chips. I got maybe 50% open I'm guessing, finally just opened the pool ran it all summer, have it closed, but anticipate trying to resolve it completly in the spring of 2010 when we open up. I still can't feed the pump adequately from that drain only and would like to get it back to 100%.

1. Any other suggestions on getting this out other than just keeping at what I did before. Just gets more difficult the more open the drain becomes.

2. Also, is there any kind of a little camera that could be run in the line so I can see what I'm actually dealing with. I can no longer see past the turn in the pipe (and I've tried with a little mirror, and a flashlight which is tough underwater)

Thanks, Sam


Plaster in Bottom Drain

Postby Guest » Sat 12 Dec, 2009 01:52

Try it from the pump side too. The majority of the plaster will be nearer the drain and it will be easier to push it out that way.

Plaster in Bottom Drain

Postby oldpool » Sat 12 Dec, 2009 08:09

I was thinking that as I posted. My skimmer bottom has a 1.5" opening several inches deep where there is suction out the side to the pump and out the bottom of it goes to the main drain. There is a variflow trimmer valve in it to use when vacuuming to isolate either the main drain or the skimmer.

So it seems like I could put the standpipe in the main drain to get me above water level, then do the same on the skimmer (or do it while the water level is dropped below the skimmers), and blow out the water from the skimmer side, then pour my acid down to the main drain from the skimmer side?

Maybe that way I can evacuate most/all of the water from the main drain line so my acid stays concentrated and in contact with the remaining plaster.

Thanks for the input.

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