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Pool Cover

Postby oldpool1 » Sun 13 Dec, 2009 18:22

Is there a Loop Loc style pool cover that is solid and doesn't let water go through. I've seen the hyperlite covers that say they have a drain in the middle that can fitted with a pump or drain?

I'd like to have a cover that installs like the stretchy loop loc type covers, but don't let stuff through or at least have a central collection point, like a solid tarp type cover.

Also, has anyone every used air pillows to cover the entire top of the pool surface and create a dome type situation with a solid cover pulled tight over them so that all the water drains off?


Pool Cover

Postby Guest » Wed 16 Dec, 2009 04:05

air pillows to cover the entire top of the pool surface

that would take some doing, depending on pool size
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Pool Care Proficient
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Pool Cover

Postby superdoopie » Thu 17 Dec, 2009 14:26

Most cover manufacturers make all styles of covers from totally solid with a pump, to solid with a mesh drain, to totally mesh. What you choose depends on when and how you want to perform maintenance.

1) Solid covers are likely the most expensive and will keep the pool clean and blue over the winter so there's less clean up time in the spring. The downside is that you have to make sure all water is removed by the pump over the winter. Heavy snows and ice can stretch the cover. Also these can become stained quickly depending on the amount of leaves and debris are permitted to remain on the cover all winter.

2) Mesh covers are the least expensive and these allow rain and sunlight through the cover so that algae can grow. Depending on temperature in the spring you could find a swamp. Depending on your filtration system it may take longer to get the pool to swimmable condition. Mesh cover are lighter than solid and don't require any maintenance over the winter.

3) Solid with a mesh drain are a good combination between the two. They have the weight of solid with the ease of maintenance (over the winter) of the mesh. The water will be cloudy but require less filtration than mesh to clear.

All install the same way by drilling into the deck in very precise locations....

To prop up a spa cover an exercise ball can be used but there is no great way to raise a pool cover for drainage.
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Pool Cover

Postby czechmate » Thu 17 Dec, 2009 17:17

Nice and concise explanation of options.
It also deserves to mention, that most seasoned pool owners already calculated the pro's and con's of these expensive contraptions. For a new owners, I would only suggest to do their homework. Complete draining of a pool may bring a serious challenges to a layman, as well as covered pool which will develop algae in the spring may present a problem for most of the new season. Good solid and smooth surfaces are not at risk. It is the scaled and pitted plasters, that algae is allowed to grow deep roots into the concrete in the spring, when temperature is still bellow swimming, but warm enough to start algae growth.
There is no shortcut in ownership of a gunite pool.
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Simmilar to than owning a sailboat.
You just lay in the sun on a different deck. :wink:

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