Viking Pools Bankruptcy

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Viking Pools Bankruptcy

Postby RiverPoolsMarc » Mon 28 Dec, 2009 08:59

As many people are already aware, Viking pools, who along with San Juan pools, is the largest builder of fiberglass swimming pools in the world, recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. I'm posting this here because I've had many of my blog readers and clients who own a Viking pool, or are considering a Viking Pool (or San Juan pool for that matter), inqire regarding their future. I have 2 more detailed stories regarding the bankruptcy filings of Viking, as well as San Juan, on my blog and both articles were responded to by the company owners. As you will see in the articles, Todd Stahl of Viking, as well Kirk Sullivan of San Juan, are both very adament regarding stability the future of their companies. As a pool installer myself, I strongly wish both companies the best as their loss would deal a major blow to the fiberglass pool industry.

Viking article link:

San Juan Article Link ... Bankruptcy

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Viking Pools Bankruptcy

Postby michel-laws » Fri 13 Aug, 2010 10:11

Thats really very sad to know
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Viking Pools Bankruptcy

Postby floridapooltech » Fri 13 Aug, 2010 10:29

Unfortunately, this most likely won't be the last either as the consumer's aren't spending. Most are afraid of losing our jobs, running out of money, going bankrupt, etc. So they just save the dollar instead of spending it when that is what got us into this position in the first place. Hopefully things will begin to turn around very soon!

These companies are, however, not going out of business as it is only a chapter 11 "debt restructuring" process. Future and present pool owners do not have anything to worry about as these 2 companies aren't going anywhere!

Viking Pools Bankruptcy

Postby voltine » Wed 29 Sep, 2010 08:42

I've already read this article and i was shocked and could not believe it that Viking Pools is facing banckruptcy.

Viking Pools Bankruptcy

Postby Jeff61 » Wed 08 Jun, 2011 10:58

Viking pools, along with others have had a tough time in this economy, however, it is not an excuse for them to NOT honor warranties. I know that ALAGLASS Pools, do NOT honor any of their warranties, no matter what. And they claim to have a lifetime structural warranty, however, if they do not honor it, then there is no warranty at all. Avoid ALAGLASS Pools at all costs. Their product is inferior, they have NO warranty, and they lie about it. You thought Viking was bad, at least they tried, ALAGLASS Pools from South Carolina...LIES and makes a crappy pool!
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Viking Pools Bankruptcy

Postby Concerned Consummer » Wed 28 May, 2014 17:25

:evil: Just so everyone is aware of what happened to Viking Pools, here is the scoop:
In late 2007, Latham bought the Viking Brand along with Blue Hawaiian Brand. What many folks do not know is that Latham did not buy any of the warrantee burden assumed by previous Viking entity. What this means is that EVERYONE who purchased a Viking pool prior to 2008 (maybe even as late as May 2008) is without any type of warranty on their product. My pool was installed in May of 2008 and I am fighting for my life with Latham to repair serious blistering of my shell. My pool is in 6 different spots on their website, but they are saying that I will have to pay 60% of repair costs ($9K my share). I was never given a warranty document from the Viking authorized dealer/contractor when my pool was completed. I was going with the LIFETIME warranty of shell that was plastered all over the website... Since my claim with Latham, they have made changes to their website in regards to stating new warranty info as well as info to prevent folks like me from making future claims. I am seriously contemplating legal action, whether class action or otherwise to hold Latham accountable for their product and name... I can be contacted at: [email protected]

Viking Pools Bankruptcy

Postby Guest » Tue 14 Oct, 2014 04:29

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