air bubbles in return line and noisy motor.

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air bubbles in return line and noisy motor.

Postby jayP » Mon 04 Jan, 2010 09:39

I have an inground vinyl pool. Recently I have noticed air bubbles in the return lines and the motor has become increasinly louder as if straining.

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air bubbles in return line and noisy motor.

Postby mas985 » Mon 04 Jan, 2010 14:41

Has the filter pressure decreased and is there air in the pump basket? If so, there may be suction side restriction of some sort. Usually debris in the lines that is stuck. Did this happen after vacuuming? Also, check valve settings to make sure there isn't a line closed off somewhere.
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air bubbles in return line and noisy motor.

Postby jayp » Tue 05 Jan, 2010 07:50

filter pressure is good, however there is air in the basket. no lines are closed.
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air bubbles in return line and noisy motor.

Postby Larry » Tue 05 Jan, 2010 12:30

It sounds like a leak or blockage on the suction line. The increased sound is the impeller cavitating with the air/ water mixture.

Can you do a visual inspection of the suction line and pump basket cover? With the pump off and the valves open, look for drips or wet areas that could indicate a leak. The leak could be tiny, but under pressure can allow quite a bit of air into the system.


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