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Water levels

Postby vanessa » Sun 11 Jun, 2006 07:58

Hi we have just installed a pool. It is above ground 17m3 water. It came with a filtration system. We have followed the instruction, Which were in French. We have carried out backwash then rinse. We then put the filter on it seemed to work for a few minutes as you can here it sucking in the water through the skimmer then it seems to stop and any debris it has sucked in seems to float back out. Also the pressure cage is just above zero. I am not sure if I have too little or too much water in the pool. It is approx 5 cm above the bottom of the skimmer.

Any advise would be appreciated.


Pool Enthusiast
Pool Enthusiast
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Postby steq184 » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 03:48

Yeah, I am a relative new pool owner too and also had this problem last season, you've got an air lock somewhere, this is what I did to rectify:
I filled up the pool more to about 10cm above bottom of the skimmer, turn off the pump, loosen the clear top of the pump to let air escape and the water through the pipes, put a running hose in the outlet pipe for about 30 seconds, then take out the debris cage in the skimmer and put the running hose in the pipe in the skimmer for about 30 seconds, put the cage back but leave the hose running into the skimmer, turn on the pump.
This should free the air lock, I have even loosened the clear pump cover for seconds whilst it running to free air as well, hopefully air should come out the outlet pipe for a few seconds and then just water. Then take out the running hose.
If this keeps happening it may be a leak in your lines pulling in air.
It worked for me, hope it works for you. Let me know how you get on.
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Swimming Pool Wizard
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Postby all4him » Wed 14 Jun, 2006 07:36

You should maintain your water level so it is half way up the skimmer.

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