About Water Conditioner

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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About Water Conditioner

Postby Sophiagirl » Thu 21 Jan, 2010 14:38

Hello everyone ,

I got a bill from my poolman . He said we need to add a water conditioner . I have o idea about that . Is it a part of the equipment or some liquid ? August 2009, we have another person fix our pool equipment , he said the conditoner is good. By the way, our pool is salted in ground pool .



About Water Conditioner

Postby Steven375 » Thu 21 Jan, 2010 23:38

"Conditioner" is kind of a vague word. Usually, it means cyanuric acid. Take a sample of your water to your local pool store and have them run a full set of tests, including salt and cyanuric acid. For a salt pool, you want your cyanuric acid level to be between 50 and 80 ppm.

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