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new pool owner

Postby fhorta » Sat 30 Jan, 2010 12:47

thank you all for having this site available.

i'm a new inground pool owner. since i moved in water has looked clear. have had to deal with leaves and debree. pump pool operates 2 hours day. we kind of live in the out skirts of town where there are fields.

saw a frog in the pool. now its gone must of hoped out. anyway asked a pool shop what to do. he said if i had a frog in the water, i pretty much had to drain out water and refill and start all over.

but water is still clear. i haven't checked the chemical levels . i imagine is lacking chlorine. by reading posts here, i kind of have an idea what to do. my question is it really necessary to drain out water at this point?. or would i still have a chance by treating water. i have read in other posts that some pool shops tell you different things. i appreciate any sugestions. thanks

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new pool owner

Postby lbridges » Sat 30 Jan, 2010 22:18

You do NOT need to drain and refill simply because a frog took a turn in the pool. Wonder what they would say if you saw a raccoon taking a lap or two - maybe fill the pool in with dirt and start with a new hole somewhere else?
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new pool owner

Postby Guru » Fri 19 Feb, 2010 14:56

What to do with water all depends on the chemistry. Take a sample of water into your LPS and have it tested. The most important test is the TDS or total dissolved solids. If this is too high it means there are alot of minerals in the water which can decrease effeciancy of your chemicals. Do you happen to know how old the water is?
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