Can red algae "kill" an Ozone Generator?

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Can red algae "kill" an Ozone Generator?

Postby Max01 » Mon 08 Feb, 2010 11:03


Today my 2 months old water (in the spa) is clear again, the PH is around 7,5, the FC is 1-2ppm. We have been on holidays (for 2 weeks) and when we come back the ozone generator didn't work (no bubbles come out) and the water was cloudy because the FC was around 0. So I shocked the water and now it's clear again but now I have got red algae in my spa. It's not directly in the water, it's outside! On the pillow and around the buttons there are spots and streaks which are thin, red and slimy .

I have read it's not really an algae at all, but a form of bacteria. Is that true? Do I have red algae or red bacteria? Is there a difference at all?

I called a friend of mine and told him about the red algae problem and that the ozone generator didn't "bubble". He is not sure why ozone generator stopped working but he thinks that the red algae could have caused a problem with the tubes which are plugged into the ozone generator. He thinks that not enough water or air can come through the tube to the ozone generator. But he is not sure what to do.

Can red algae/ bacteria really cause a problem like this with an ozone generator (corona discharge)? (The water is clear again.)

Thanks in advance!!!!

EDIT: I bought the ozone generator 2 months ago and it worked fine the whole time.

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Can red algae "kill" an Ozone Generator?

Postby Larry » Fri 12 Feb, 2010 04:54

Hi Max

Ozone generators usually "inject" the ozone into the water on the return line and the point of injection is most unlikely to get clogged (being after the filter and relying on venturi suction).

If you tell us which ozone generator you are using perhaps someone can help.
Are you sure there is no ozone being produced?

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Can red algae "kill" an Ozone Generator?

Postby Guru » Fri 19 Feb, 2010 14:23

The ozone generator is either under a suction vacuum or return venturi. This setup means that you will see air bubbles all the time, even if the bulb is out in the ozonator. Sounds like a combination of a couple problems. A bad ozone generator WILL allow more algae, but to the eye, there should be no change. Sounds like a flow problem ie: dirty filter or clogged basket.
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