Pictures of your heater set up Please

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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My Pool: It's my dad's pool, I'm not sure of exact size, but I think it's like 25'X8' inground. I'll check the size later.
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Pictures of your heater set up Please

Postby MAXXFJ » Sat 20 Mar, 2010 08:00

I'm doing as much research here as possible here on doing my own solor heating system for the pool at my dad's house. Real quick(don't want to get into a long story), The pool had a set up that went from the filter to the garage roof(10' up), had a coil of black pipe(now in the woods behind the pool-no I did not put it there)anyway, the prev. owner of the house told my dad he removed the system after it burned out 2 filter motors. That's now stuck in dad's head & he's 100% against the idea. I'm going to do it right by installing a totally sep pump. I just want to see a few pictures of the set up's that some of you guy's have. No store bought solor panel systems, just the home made black pipe systems. Not that I don't want to see them, just that I don't have the cash for that & the most $$$ I'm going to spend is going to be on the pump. Thanks & I hope You all can get me a few Pic.'s Thanks, MAXX

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