It all Started with a Chicken.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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It all Started with a Chicken.

Postby ChickenPoop » Sat 27 Mar, 2010 12:15

Ok, never owned a pool before, thought it would be just PEACHY to have a modest above ground/less work/simple maintanence...almost a "throw away" pool for summer. So off I go to the Wally world for my brand new Intex 15x48 pool...oh how simple, and easy, and uncomplicated...till the chicken.

It was up and thanks to the rinky dink ladder that comes with it I couldnt get in it to kick around the biggie...I start filling it (Level still below the drain plug) Miss Ima Hen desicides that THIS is her new roost. I had the leaf catcher thingy trying to get the non stop oak leaves out of it as it filled and there she sits, on the other side, mocking me. In a panic I throw the leaf thingy at her and yup, you guessed it, she POOPED as she flew away. Now Ive got about 3 inches of water in it-still below the drain plug so I cant drain it! Grrrr So I try to scoop the poop. Well chicken poop isnt scoopable, but it did dissapate into a nice cloud. (rolling eyes)

So I fill the pool (this takes 3 days) and go marching off to the pool store and cry that I have chicken poop in my pool, the nice man stares blanky at me and hands me a bag o shock (heavy duty chlorinated kind that after reading package needs a chem suit and gas mask to handle it.)

The next day I just happen by another pool store and I pop in. I tell them about the mis adventures with Miss Chicken and babble something about probably needing a starter kit. Also hving very hard well water and not wanting algea. They hand me another bag o shock (differnt brand) and say to double shock it (Both bags at the same time) to be sure Ive killed any poopy parisites. They also hand me a 28 oz bottle of cynuric acid and say to dump the whole thing in first (but put it in a sock and tie it to the ladder) and then the NEXT DAY dilute the shock-both bags and walk around the pool and put that in, and they also handed me test strips and a bottle of scale something that Im suppossed to put in the day after the shock.

So I put the bottle of cy whatever acid in a sock and tie it to the ladder for about a day, some of it spills on the ladder and the bottle says ITS NOT TO TOUCH VINYL (I have A LOT OF VINYL) Took the sock out (still about 1/2 full) and test strip it. Says I have 8.4 ph, no free chlorine, 40 alk. and 30-50ppm stabilizer (ideal)
Next day my ex comes over since I wont go near the shock-lable even says it can EXPLODE, what the heck is this stuff and do I want to swim in it??? I think not. That was put in the pool Thurs eve and then it rained (but pool was already very full)

Today...Sat, and yesterday Fri its the same shade of milk white. Cant see past the 2nd step and its not clearing. Holding off on dumping in the scale stuff. Hasnt been up long enough to grow algea. Ive googled and binged myself silly, Im not a chemist nor do I want to be one. I thought I could just get a sharky thing with chlorine tabs and maybe some algeacide and summer would be great.

WHAT DO I DO, PLEASE USE SIMPLE TERMS and should I JUST DRAIN THE DAMN THING AND START OVER?? (but keep in mind I cannot get the last 3 inches of water out)
HELP IN FL PLEASE, All I want is to be on a raft and watch the oak leaves and squirells poop fall. THANKS!

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