Pool Light Fittings Problem

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Pool Light Fittings Problem

Postby elephantguy » Sun 04 Apr, 2010 05:06

Dear All

First post, hope you will bear with me. I live in the UK and recently have bought a property with a lined pool. The pools lights are not screwed into the liner but should be held into the light niche with a flat circular plastic strip which has a metal wired clip attached to it. The strip and clip appear to hold the 12v light fitting into the recess but have now all become brittle and have broken. See the attached picture..

Light Clip 1.jpg
Light Clip 1.jpg (31.33 KiB) Viewed 1656 times

I have trawled the internet for days but can't seem to find replacements. Does anyone know what these things are and where I could buy some replacements as it looks like these have definitely seen better days.


Elephant Guy


Pool Light Fittings Problem

Postby Guest » Thu 08 Apr, 2010 10:20

There were lights like these that came in from Turkey at one point. I asked a friend who found the manufacturer:
Santem - http://www.santem.com/en/
and the light fitting is here.

I hope this is the right one and is of help


Pool Light Fittings Problem

Postby Guest » Fri 09 Apr, 2010 13:31

Dear Pool User

Thank you so much for your help, I have emailed the company and hopefully they can supply the part. I can't tell you how long I looked on the internet without success, really appreciate your assistance...


Pool Light Fittings Problem

Postby Guest » Fri 09 Apr, 2010 14:10

No problem.

I hope they sort you out :wink:

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