Water Pressure issues

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Water Pressure issues

Postby dan2809 » Mon 05 Apr, 2010 02:05

Guys/Gals , please help , i am going to crack...recently when i plug in my pool cleaner you can hear the pool pump take strain and the pressure drops from about 80 bar to about 20 bar , as soon as you unplug it the pressure picks up again and the pump is fine. What ive noticed is that alot of air bubbles appear from the return flow when the pool cleaner is plugged in. Ive checked the hoses for breaks aswell as the pool cleaner itself , no issues. I cant see any leaks on the filter or the multi valve sucking in air anywhere...anyone got any ideas ??

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Water Pressure issues

Postby mas985 » Mon 05 Apr, 2010 12:57

I assume that you are using a suction side cleaner? What is probably happening is that the cleaner is restriction the flow in the plumbing which is why you see the pressure drop. Also, this will increase the suction in the pump and may suck in air from any of the seals, usually the pump lid.

If this has just started to happen and does not happen when the cleaner is removed, then I suspect that you may have a blockage in the either the cleaner hose or the cleaner itself.

Also, exactly how do you connect the suction cleaner? Through a skimmer? Is this the only skimmer? Is the main drain connected through the skimmer?
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