Frogs Enjoy My Pool

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Frogs Enjoy My Pool

Postby HowardWalker » Mon 12 Apr, 2010 13:07

My neighbor has a small fish pond with a waterfall and Koi. The sound of the falling water initially attracts the frogs from our shared wet weather stream. Soon, however, the frogs begin their trek from his fish pond to my pool. I often have several dozen in a single night - all "singing" their mating song. It resonates off the pool walls and can be quite loud.

I try to rescue them from the fate of chlorine exposure and the surface skimmer, placing them in a 5 gallon bucket and returning them to the stream. But I am sure some return for their unintentional demise.

I often find their dead and bloated bodies in the skimmer basket the next morning...ugh! :crazy:

I suppose it is Mother Natures way of "thinning the herd." I am unable to combat this, so I have resolved myself to live with it.

I have considered putting in some fine mesh wire under my alternate board pool fence to keep the varmints out, but have not yet gone to this extreme. Has anyone had success trying this?

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Re: Frogs Enjoy My Pool

Postby paulbest » Tue 16 Aug, 2016 22:51

One of the most common pests you will find hanging in and around your pool are frogs. There is just something about a nice, large, refreshing pool that attracts frogs from all over. Of course, what ends up happening is you must continually remove dead frogs from your pool, which isn’t the most thrilling of tasks to say the least.

frogs are not generally bad for your pool. in fact, they eat a lot of bugs and normally have to clean your pool from insects. but just because they are not bad for the pool, that does not mean you have to become alright for them to loiter on your pool. here are some things on how to get rid of them:

1. the first step here is to install a fence. not only that it's a great defense of frogs but it makes your pool much safer and more secure in the process.
2. at night, use a cover to avoid bugs and frogs from entering your pool.
3. clear out weeds as frogs do love hiding in weeds and brush piles.
4. turn off lights as this will attract bugs and frogs do attracts on bugs.
5. create a mixture of salt and water or vinegar to a spray can and spray it around the entire perimeter of your pool. this mixture will basically burn the frog's feet when they touch it.
6. install a waterfall or fountain. insects are predominantly attracted to stagnant water and frogs are attracted to bugs. to keep them away from your pool, keep the water in you pool moving.
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Re: Frogs Enjoy My Pool

Postby Moopeh » Tue 15 Nov, 2016 10:03

Use the solution of bleach and water in a ratio 50:50. Pour it into a spray bottle and carefully sprinkle the area around the pool. 8) But be careful with plants
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Re: Frogs Enjoy My Pool

Postby ryz82 » Tue 29 Nov, 2016 15:26

Ha.. you need the Frog Log - I use them in my pool and it lets the frogs and mice climb out of the pool!
Seems kind of hokey, but it really works in my neighbourhood. (Wooded area lots of frogs, mice and squirles).
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Re: Frogs Enjoy My Pool

Postby kitina » Tue 06 Dec, 2016 06:49

What paulbest given is a good suggestion. I agree with his suggestion.

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