Trition II tr60 with clearpro tech

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Trition II tr60 with clearpro tech

Postby DMORGAN486 » Mon 12 Apr, 2010 18:39

Has anyone ever purchased a Pentair Trition II tr60 with clear-pro technology sand filter. Part # 140212. Pentair claims that it will clean close to a de filter. I tried to purchase one from a supplier in Phoenix Az but was told that there were problems with the clear-pro model. Apparently the laterals were collapsing. I think the only difference between the tr60 and the tr60 cp is the way the laterals are designed. I called Pentair since their website still shows the tr60 cp as available through dealers. I cannot find anyone who knows about the clear-pro technology or any problems with it. An internet search turns up nothing about problems but several sites sell them. I would appreciate any thoughts that anyone has on this topic. Thank you

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