Pool caved in, what could be the reason?

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Pool caved in, what could be the reason?

Postby Sarah » Wed 14 Apr, 2010 12:26

I have an above ground pool that a part of the pool caved in. Only 2-3 beams caved in, the hole thing didn't cave in.

My pool cover was on extremely tight this winter and all the water, ice, and snow sat on top of the cover without using the pump to take the water off the top. My boyfriend talked to his uncle who worked/works at a pool place he told him that the cover couldn't have caused the pool to cave in.. That the reason had to be there was a hole in the lining.. Is it possible that it was the cover and the water sitting on top all winter?

Also what are the chances that we can fix this without buying a new pool? Thanks!

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