Could it be the pump?

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Could it be the pump?

Postby tashagirl » Sun 11 Jun, 2006 20:57

Hi...I am in the processing of opening up my inground pool...but am having this problem..(I believe with the pump)...we hooked it up as we have done two seasons in a row...but when you put it on filter..the water level is low..(as usual)...and then the water starts coming in faster and fills up the pump...but then the water goes down...and then fills back up...then back down...instead of staying consistent. the jets in the pool are doing the same thing. The water level in the pool is where it should be. The pool is an 18x36 the pump was brand new as of last summer it is a Hayward Super pump...and the filter is a Sand filter...the filter is approximately 4-5 years old. We purchased the house w/pool...and this is our 3rd season with the pool. The previous owners had it put in 2years prior to our puchasing the house. I know the filter is the orginal. Any help????

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