Rust/Iron staining - method of successful removal

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Rust/Iron staining - method of successful removal

Postby HowardWalker » Sun 18 Apr, 2010 12:40

Being the victim of iron staining in my pool has driven me to desperate measures to find a cure for this malady.

Recently I drained my pool and using Scotchbrite fine grit pads (not sand paper) I was removing the calcium carbonate build up (scale) on the pool walls and floor. A long, arduous job !!

Since my water refill source was the dreaded well I decided to "filter" the fill water thru several layers of an old pillowcase rubber banded on the end of the hose (a loose term because I really need a 2 stage cartridge filter setup to do this properly - 5 micron into 1 micron).

While it took some time to refill the pool (over 2 days - fortunately I have a deep well with a good flow rate) I became anxious as the water level rose and began taking on a strange green hue. Intuition told me it was not algae but suspended metals from the well.

After the fill was complete, brown staining began to materialize on the walls and the pool bottom.

Having some experience with the product, "Iron Out" I knew it would work but a different method of application would have to be incorporated...not the old "scatter it in and circulate" as I had done before.

While to pool was in its normal circulate mode, I decided to dump a bit of IRON OUT into a sweat sock, rubber band the open end, and scrub the shallow end steps.

OH worked, and worked well. Now, how to do the rest of the pool?

I dumped more IRON OUT into the sock, rubber banded the open end, and tossed it into the floated. Grabbing my 18" pool brush, on the aluminum extension pole, I snared the sock and forced it to the bottom of the pool and began scrubbing the bottom. HOORAY ! It was working. :thumbup:

To clean the entire 16 X 32 foot pool - walls and bottom...took about 1/2 of the IRON OUT bottle and about an hour of time. I allowed to filter to run all night and even the most stubborn residual bottom stain was gone this morning.

The water is crystal clear and looks inviting. Now if it was just a bit warmer, I might be tempted to take a dip.

Just thought I would pass this along to other pool owners fighting iron staining.

On a parting note: Wear a paper filter mask when handling IRON has high levels of sodium hydrosulfite and sodium lungs will thank you for keeping it out of your body.

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