Liner on New Inground Pool Pulling Away from Corners

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Liner on New Inground Pool Pulling Away from Corners

Postby Xclusive » Mon 03 May, 2010 17:30

tomd2122 wrote:
Xclusive wrote:Thanks Tom,

The pictures help. I was under the impression from your first post that the liner was pulled away from the wall. I apologize for the misunderstanding. From what I can tell in these pictures its just slightly pulling away from the corners, which can occur since liners, as somebody mentioned here already, are always cut a little short in order to prevent wrinkling. Chances are, if the liner still has good elasticity, that it will indeed stretch back into place in warmer weather. But if I were you, I would still talk to the installer and ask him what his intentions are just in case it doesn't. Take his word for now, but have him agree to fix if the problem it does not correct itself.

All the best

Thanks for you help with this - I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

My pleasure. Please let us know here on the message board about the outcome of this.


Liner on New Inground Pool Pulling Away from Corners

Postby Guest » Wed 25 May, 2011 20:39

listen all u have to do is boil hot water pour it onto liner / area needing stretching. pull it with ur own 2 hands and snap it into the track. why wait till it gets hot because it not if the weather is hot its if the pool water is hot. do that and you will laugh at all the bs everyone has been telling you

Liner on New Inground Pool Pulling Away from Corners

Postby ChrisBrooks » Sun 28 Aug, 2011 16:07

I just went thru Hurricane Irene and my pool water got too high and I think must of gone behind liner? It is pulling away on the sides of the pool. Definitely a big problem. I am a wreck... Is this fixable? This pool liner is only a year old. I have a call in to the pool company and they are sending someone out tomorrow. I was just wondering if any one knows how this or can this be fixed?
Hope to hear from you,

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