Debris remains in Spa

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Debris remains in Spa

Postby bksbeat » Sun 02 May, 2010 18:47

This is a confusing problem and it has taken me months to figure it out so I am really hoping someone can help us here as Summer is approaching.

Okay - I have a Spa and pool. Over the past few months I have had consistent debris in the spa and the pool (when the filter runs water from the spa feeds the pool). Whenver I vacuum the spa and then the pool, debris comes back into the spa within minutes after cleaning and eventually debris comes back into the pool (I presume from the spa feed). We do have a flat top cage surrounded by a lot of trees, so I have always thought maybe the pollen and other debris from the trees was the problem.

Today, I emptied all the water out the spa, and refilled it. Back came the debris!
Then, I emptied the spa again, opened that screwed on cover on the bottom of the pool and wet vaccumed the two holes on the bottom of the spa, and then refilled the spa with water (I have the filter running all the time). Well then the water in the spa was spotless, beautiful and clean!!
Okay, problem solved I thought!
Then I decided to vacuum the remaining debris in the pool....Well, as I was vacuuming this debris in the pool, I noticed the spa getting dirtier and dirtier. It did not look like it was coming from bouys. It has to be those 2 holes on the bottom, I presume!!
I dont know how this all fits together, but if anyone can shed some light here and point me in the right direction that would be so much appreciated.
My direct email is [email protected] if you any questions.

Thanks so much

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