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solar panels

Postby Guest » Mon 12 Jun, 2006 13:08

i have 6 "4x10" solar panel collectors made buy sunfire with panel kit..(kit includes rubbers, clamps, and pvc adapters).. a goldline auto-controller (goldline, GL-235) and a solar blanket 15x30 for sale.. want to sell because i bought an electic heater instead.... everything is brand new. never used..asking for $900 for everthing... and i know solar installers that will hook up solar system for located in south FLA...

i also can get salt chlorine generators if interrested...



Postby Guest » Tue 13 Jun, 2006 17:35

Dennis Oldgeezer

Pool Solar Panels

Postby Dennis Oldgeezer » Wed 14 Jun, 2006 11:21

Feel free to call me on these offers

Dennis Oldgeezer
Bud Hoffman
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Bud Hoffman » Tue 24 Mar, 2009 17:51

Pool User wrote:WANT TO GET RID OF....TAKING SPACE... $650......

Do you still have this set up for sale? What is the best price you'll take for everything?

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