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My Pool: HOA Community Swimming pool built approx. 1971.
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Postby Henry_R » Mon 10 May, 2010 00:31

I'd like to know if code absolutly requires a handrail if we update our pool where no handrail has ever existed in our community pool.

Reading through TX health and safety pool codes seems to indicate we need to have one but no inspector has ever noted it. Nor have the several companies quoting for replastering the pool and adding appropriate depth markers. All have cited the need for the markers, the VGB drain cover, but not the handrail. We have all but accepted the final bid but I'm curious as to whether these contractors have missed this or if it's unnecessary. We do not need a permit to remodel the pool so until we have a pool inspector for the permit to open the pool we might not even know. I'd prefer not to get a shock.

We're a Class C pool according to state code, but under our Houston local rules fall into the "private pool" catagory as we have 30 units or less and the pool is only for the residents of the comminuty. We've always had an operating permit but under the private pool catagory likely don't need one. I do not remember having one before about 10 years ago when we hire a mgmt company to handle our affairs.

The need for a handrail seems to apply to public or semipublic pools, not private pools. Any Tx contractors here? Is it needed? We have only one entrance into the pool at the shallow end. The deep end is 6 deep, shallow about 3ft. It is approx 22000 gallons. It was built approximately 1971 or earlier.

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