Total newbie inherited dirty pool

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Total newbie inherited dirty pool

Postby Laura3kids » Tue 11 May, 2010 18:45

Hi everyone,

We purchased a pre forclosure a few months ago and just uncovered the pool (that was supposed to be clean). It had very bad green algae. We got it from a dark green to a murky light green now. I don't know what BBB to add to get it completely clear. There is still a lot of particles floating around and I am still backwashing the filter daily. We started shocking and chlorinating on Saturday. We have a Hayward S200 Sand filter/pump.

Pool Stats:

Rectangular with simi circular ends. 20' wide x 36' long shallow part 3 feet, deep part 8 feet. The pool calculator estimated around 23,000 gallons.

I had the water tested today at Leslie's.

FAC = 2.0
TAC = 3.0
Total Bromine: did not tell me
Water pH 7.0
TA = 60
Calcium Hardness = 70
TDS = 350
Copper/Iron: did not tell
Phosphates = 300

I am clueless when it comes to calculating parts per million. Don't even know where to begin. Can someone please tell me where to begin? What I need to do to finish the job?

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